Tuesday, September 29, 2015

A triplet gets married

This is what the food carts look like in Copenhagen.

The local corner store magazine selection.  How are they killing the game?

The boys night in Geneva before meeting us in France.

While the boys are away, the girls get weird.

Ladies in waiting.

Dinner by the lake.  The best fish I've ever eaten.

Game night at the dinner table.  When in France.

Waiting for my husband to finally arrive.  Not complaining.

Found this little guy in the middle of the lake and swam him to safety.

The Finish minister under an apple tree.

The Sharps.

Me and my man.  Always standing out.

Post ceremony, pre photo time.

A stolen moment and one of the few I saw of them alone.

Wardrobe change.

A sneaky skinny dip in the lake.

Merci, Lake Telloires.  Until we meet again.

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