Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Fun in Florence

Our duomo selfie.  This place just kills me every time.  The three amigos.  

Breaking the rules already.  Climbed under the railing to feel the real wall and snap a quick pic.

The only time we even saw the river on our trip.  Sometimes when you are traveling and decide to live like a local you don't spend as much time "seeing" things.  You live them instead.  

Our favorite little find.  We ordered a plate of mixed meat and unknowingly ate horse meat for the first time.  What we didn't realize was that it was the horse meat that we ordered another serving of because it was so unique and tasty.  I would never intentionally eat horse meat and I probably won't do it again, but we did and it was good.

America's favorite restaurant in Florence.  It was delicious and well worth it.

The owner and one of the few remaining Princes in Florence.  He wears 12 pounds of silver bracelets on each arm and is one of the nicest people we met.

Nothing better than introducing friends and then finding them alone, chatting and getting to know each other.  Good people tend to love good people and this is a perfect example.  Two truly unique and talented women.

Real friends help detangle your necklaces. 

Hugs and horses in the streets of Florence.

No!!! The hotel is that way!!

If we find a photo booth we just can't not stop.  And to find a black and white one?  In the street?  Yes, please.

Ciao my sweet friend.  Thank you for everything.

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